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1 sept. 2008


Re Arrest of Two Nigerian Citizens, Presently in our Custody Charged with an Offence of Fraudulently Collecting Money from Foriegn Beneficiaries.

This is to inform you that, the above subject matter is related to you which lead to the arrest of this Two nigerians who are in possession of a huge amount of monies($Millions) awaiting transit to switzerland, During our interogation with them ,it was disclosed to us that it was a long time inheritance claim payment meant to be delivered to you, but it was routed Nigeria -London- Switzerland,Secondly the documents found on them bear your name as the sole beneficiary of the said fund and your full contact address .But due to all the ilregularities in their statements we discovered that they are fraudulent,for this reason we are contacting you for verification and confirmation if you have any long outstanding claim with the nigerian government in the past or any bank/security company in Nigeria.

We urgently demand a response to this letter to enable us advice you, and follow up this issue with the accused persons and the Nigerian Government for justice to be done if you are a victim of their fraudulent activities. Note that if we do not hear from you soonest we shall have no option than to repatriate the accused and return the money to the country of Origin.

Thank you

Bob (SP)
Anti Terrorist Operation Officer.
Scotland Yard Police.
Greater London
Tel:+44 702 402 5726

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