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17 iul. 2008

Dear Friend,

Thanks for your mail and for accepting my offer. I apologize for my late reply, it's due to my duty here. Since your last email to me , I couldn't reply back because my troops were camping at the road to the Jordanians border, that makes it difficult for me to check my mail.

I have finally secure the money as being agreed and have every proof of this transaction only what I need is your assistance in smuggling this money out of Iraq. I am ready now to transfer the money to you.All i needed from you are your:

{1]Bank account details
{2}Personal Contact Phone Number for ease of communication

to enable me start transferring the money into your bank account as i cannot leave IRAQ because of the nature of my work.

I will transfer it with the Bank of Baghdad, Iraq. They do International Transfer. I will not send it at once, I will transfer
$500,000 each transfer. I will inform you on what to do when i finally transfer the money into your Bank Account.

I am giving you all the trust and I believe that with the help of God, we will successfully transfer this money out of Iraq. I hope that one day we will meet each other face to face to start a long lasting relationship.

Please do not disclose this deal to anybody as to protect my duty with the US Marine. I attached my picture and the picture of the Money for your documentation and confirmation as you requested.It wasn't easy for me to do that but I had to because you requested for it and to make assurance double sure.

Remember, your share still remains the same 30% out of the total amount of the money. The total amount of the money is $14million Dollars.

I will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible to proceed it the transfer.Please, Do not reply to this email, reply me to my
private email address { } for security reasons.

Awaiting for your reply.

Capt. Duker Coleman

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