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21 iun. 2008

Blessed US


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dateSat, Jun 21, 2008 at 12:50 AM
subjectBlessed US

hide details 12:50 AM (2 hours ago)

This is a surprise as we have neither met before, we are United States'
Soldiers recently deployed to Fallujah in Iraq. I'm Sgt Richard Smith, 32
years of age from Atlanta georgia, in one of our recent operations around
Fallujah here in Iraq, we stumble upon a strong box filled up with dollars
bales, we hide it in the camp unknown to our field commander. Our reason
of contacting you is for you to assist us to invest this money in our
country the United States or other good area. As we have no business ideas
on fund management.
Please if you can assist on this venture, get in touch with us through
this email and treat this with utmost confident and secrecy as we are
still service men in Iraq.
God bless United States of America.
Sgt Richard Smith

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